At Priel Salon, everyone is a VIP. That’s why we created the The VIP Priel Points program to reward YOU: our most loyal clients. You’ll earn points for each service you enjoy and each product you purchase. You’ll earn bonus points for doing easy things like pre-booking your next appointment or referring a friend . For every dollar you spend points are automatically tracked in the system.

How do I accumulate VIP Priel Points? 

Points are accumulated automatically at every purchase.*

Below is a list of ways you can accumulate VIP Rewards Points.

  • 20,000 Priel Points for referring a new client to Priel Salon & Hair Spa

  • 5,000 Priel Points for Pre-Booking your next visit during your first visit.

  • 1,000 Priel Points for Pre-Booking your next visit during your current visit.

  • 10 Priel Points for each dollar you spend in salon services or products.

  • 5,000 Priel Points Bonus for spending $100+ on retail products during single visit

  • 5,000 Priel Points Bonus for spending $150+ on services during single visit

  • 10 Priel Points for each dollar you spend on Gift Certificates.

Our system automatically tracks the points you’ve earned. You can check your balance by asking our concierge, looking at the top of your receipt at checkout, or asking your service provider.

Redeeming VIP Points
Priel Points can be redemmed on full services or products at the time of checkout.

1,000 points = $1. 

Enrolling in the VIP Program
You are automatically enrolled in our VIP program from the first time you make a purchase at Priel Salon. 

The Fine Print
There has to be a catch, right? Not really, but here are a couple of details about how the VIP Program works:

  • VIP points are accumulated throughout the calendar year and expire on Feb of the following year.  
  • Points will be awarded at the time of check out. For example, if you refer a friend you will get your points when he/she checks out at the salon. If you pre-book an appointment, you will earn those points when you check out of that appointment, not when you schedule it, etc.
  • VIP Priel Points  may not be redeemed for cash.
  • No double dipping! Some purchases may not earn points. For example, you won’t earn double points if you buy yourself a gift certificate and use it on your own purchase. If we suspect abuse or other sneaky behavior, we reserve the right to terminate your enrollment in our program. Just remember, the karma police will find you.
  • VIP points are non-transferable, but you may purchase a gift certificate with your VIP points that you may give to a friend.
  • May not be valid with some special offers, sale items or special purchases.
  • We reserve the right to terminate or modify the program at any time.
  • You may not earn points on purchases or services made using third party gift certificates or tender.
  • Points may not be accumulated through the purchase of discounted services and/or products. 
  • Enjoying salon services & treatments at Priel Salon may be habit forming, resulting in lower levels of stress, increased beauty, and moments of extreme contentment.