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All of our color services have a varied price range that depends on Length, Thickness, & Density of the hair as well as the level of the stylist performing the services.

There are additional charges for extra color and time needed.  This makes it hard to quote a price over the phone.  This is why we welcome you to stop by for a complimentary consultation if you have any questions on color pricing.
*Please note*  1st time color clients, all Balaylage  & color correction clients are required to add a blow-dry to their service.  
Credit card required to book all appointments.
All appts. are subject to
cancellation policies.

Balayage Highlighting / Coloring
Balayage is a French word that means, “to sweep”. This highlighting technique creates a low maintenance highlight that is beautifully and naturally blended. Think Victoria Secret, or your favorite celebrities hair.  Please note these appts. can take from 3-6 hours, and often require additional color services to be added such as all-over color and/or toner for desired results.  
Starts at $175* for short hair (in salon consultation & deposit mandatory before booking appt.)

 Retouch Hair Color
Retouch includes coloring of the regrowth from a previous color service. This is a single-process hair color service, and is ideal to cover up to three inches of hair regrowth.
$45 & up

All-Over Hair Color
All-Over Hair Color is a single-process hair color with scalp-to-ends application, also known as a “solid color” service. Price depends on hair length.
$55 & up

Inoa Color
The ultimate in ammonia free color that is gentler and healthier on your scalp.  With 22 patents for a color that is pure, vibrant and more beautiful than ever
$12 add-on

Partial Highlight/Low-light

Partial Highlight and/or Low-lights gives strands of color to up to 30 foils.   
$58 & up

Full Highlight/Low-light
Full Highlights and/or Low-lights includes foiling throughout the entire head
$88 & up

 All-Over Lightener (Includes Toner)
All-Over Lightener is the first step in the blonding journey. This is a time intensive service that takes all of the hair to a lighter shade. The toner ensures an excellent shade of blonde. Price depends on hair length.
$115 & up

Retouch Lightener (Includes Toner)
This service is ideal for maintaining an all-over blonde look. Toner guarantees an excellent result. Price depends on hair length.
$95 & up


6 Foil Accent Highlight
This is a great service for a first-time highlight. Adds some highlight in the hairline and part. Limited to a total of 6 foils.

6 Foil Highlight with Haircut & Blow-Out
This is a great service for a first-time highlight. Adds some highlight in the hairline and part. Limited to a total of 6 foils. Includes haircut and style.
$64 & up

Toner / Gloss/ Glaze
Adds flawless tone to highlights or hair color helping to balance out color and tones for long-lasting results. This step is often essential to avoid a "brassy" look on highlights or to balance a fresh highlight service.  This also works wonders to restore the beautiful vinyl shine to color treated hair.

Additional Color in Hair Color Service
$20 & up (depends on length, density, and thickness of hair)

*Specialty Color and Corrective Hair Color are priced during an in salon consultation. The price will be determined after a Stylist evaluates the length of hair, the appropriate time, and what services are needed to achieve desired results.  We offer complimentary consultations if you have any questions.  Please note:  it is impossible for our front desk staff to quote you over the phone as 1) they are not stylists  & 2) they cannot physically see your hair over the phone.***